Volunteer Positions

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Horse Handlers

Horse handlers are an integral part of every riding lesson and therapy session provided at Promise Ranch. Horse handlers are responsible for catching, grooming, warming up, and tacking the horse before the student arrives, or assisting the students with grooming and tacking in some cases. The horse handler controls and guides the horse during the lesson, ensuring the safety of the students and volunteers. The horse handler must be able to take direction from the instructor or therapist, allow the student to guide the horse when appropriate, but still maintain control of the horse at all times. Horse handlers must be safety minded at all times. Volunteers with horse experience are preferred for this position, however, horse handler training is available periodically for volunteers wishing to learn and move into this role.

Side Walkers

Many of the students at Promise Ranch require the assistance of 1-2 side walkers to ensure their safety while mounted. Side walkers greet the students when they arrive until the instructor or therapist and horse are ready. Side walkers walk alongside the riders to ensure safety and help facilitate the lesson under the guidance of the instructor or therapist. Side walkers may be asked to demonstrate or help the riders with specific tasks, support or assist the rider physically, or facilitate games or activities as directed by the instructor or therapist. Side walkers may also be asked to assist with the mounting and dismounting of riders from the horse. Side walkers must be able to take direction from the instructors or therapists, work cooperatively with others, and be safety minded at all times. Side walking does not require prior knowledge or experience with horses and specific training will be provided.

Fund Raisers

Like most smaller nonprofit organizations, we always have room for people interested in helping with our marketing and fund raising efforts. This may include:

Barn Chores Helper

Barn chores volunteers take care of all the little things that are easily overlooked – keeping the facility clean and in good working order. Jobs may include but are not limited to cleaning feed and water buckets, cleaning stalls and picking runs and pasture, general barn organization and cleaning, and assisting with special projects as needed.

We have daily positions available.