Outpatient Therapy Programs

Outpatient Therapy Programs

PRTR is now offering Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Counseling services! Our new programs target individual and group treatment for Pre-school, Home-school, After-school, Teens, Transition Age, Adults, and Families.

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Occupational Therapy on the Ranch, with jobs that must be done regularly to maintain the land and the animals, can improve sensory processing and executive functioning skills, fine and gross motor skills, body-awareness, self-confidence and relationships with others.


Individual and group sessions featuring nature-themed projects and activities are designed to emphasize social communication, expressive language and articulation.


Individual, Family or Group psychotherapy is aided by the experiential nature of the Ranch, and Equine- or other Animal-Assisted therapies. We specialize in interpersonal issues, addictions, trauma, grief and loss.

Promise Ranch accepts Medicaid, Medicare, commercial insurance, and CES/SLS Waivers. Select Join Us! to complete the contact form and find the Intake Package once you are registered.