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Promise Ranch Therapies & Recreation is looking for a new home that offers collaboration and teamwork with all of our stakeholders . We are looking for a home that offers solace and safety for all the clients, volunteers, staff and incredible animals – large and small, who are a part of our PRTR community. 

We envision our ranch to be a haven of healing for all. Our organization serves vulnerable populations, and as such, has special and specific parameters which need to be respected. We are a Ranch, where we get dirty: horses roll in the mud on occasion and clients grow crops in the soil. Within, we also nurture the delicate moments of healing in the types of sessions and work we offer. We are looking for a supportive situation and location which allows us to continue to serve and expand this significant purpose for the larger community. 

The future of Promise Ranch stays compassionate, forward-thinking, with an inclusive point of view. Our Vision is to serve and empower our community, including those with differing abilities, veterans, and families through healing with animals and the experiential nature of the Ranch. Our new location will allow us the full privilege and opportunity to be a beacon of community goodwill, to grow partnerships with businesses, stakeholders, and neighbors, and to showcase the benefit of our organization’s mission to enrich our community through connection and inclusion. PRTR is and continues to be a place where people belong.