Rider Spotlight: Daniel

Daniel is our 12 year old with Down Syndrome. We came to Promise Ranch with high hopes of Daniel increasing his large motor activity, and he has benefitted so far beyond our initial hopes. He loves horses and was hesitant at first, but the staff was encouraging and patient and now he can’t wait to be at the ranch and to see the horses. We have seen great strides in many areas. While his balance is greatly improved in class, we see how that has helped him in general with running, playing, stairs, and much more. We also see the improvement in his core strength which has helped his posture and general activities. He has even improved his speech as he has learned to communicate effectively with the horse and therapist. Finally, he has built tremendous confidence on the horse, which is displayed in other settings. We are grateful to Promise Ranch and their tremendous programs!

Rider Spotlight: Sarah

Sarah’s parents told us, “Sarah LOVES going to Promise. She gets up on Saturday and puts on all of her horse gear so she can go ride her horse, Lucky. She was up so early to go there this weekend that we had trouble getting her to understand that we still had to wait 2.5 hours before we could leave! With her blue sweatshirt on, you can’t see the horse shirt that she’s wearing, and her pink boots are covering her horse socks. She was so happy that her new horse riding gloves came this week. We’ve tried several other hippotherapy options and they weren’t on the same level as Promise. I’m so happy we tried one more before giving up.”

Client Spotlight: Cora

story provided by our Outpatient client Cora

“I like (coming to Promise Ranch) because of the horses and the teachers, and how the teachers help you through stuff and how they talk to you and make you feel calm and get through your feelings. 

I like it because I get to play games and if I don’t want to talk to my parents I can talk to one of my teachers here and feel comfortable and get help with something I am struggling with. I like that the horses can also help you stay calm sometimes. If you like horses it might be good to come here. I’ve learned about the horses how to tell how they feel sometimes, when they are feeling something you can tell mostly by their ears, and their facial expressions.”