Supported Employment Program

Employment Services & Community Connection

Promise Ranch’s Employment Services and Community Connection Program offers services that are tailored to fit individual employment and community inclusion goals of adults with developmental and other disabilities. Work programs focus on skill acquisition, job search and retention. The focus of community participation is volunteer work and involvement in other aspects of community that make a person’s life more meaningful!


Employment Program

Promise Ranch’s Employment Program provides support and services to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to obtain and maintain employment in the Douglas and Arapahoe Counties competitive labor force.

The program offers customized supported employment to individuals who are motivated to work independently in the community and affiliated with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation or one of the local Community Center Boards in the area. Promise Ranch’s support structure ensures that both the employee and the employer are satisfied and ultimately successful.Services Include:

  • Customized Job Placement assistance
  • Job Seeking Skills Training and Job Development
  • Resume and Interview Preparation Assistance
  • On-going Individualized Supported Employment

Services are provided by Promise Ranch’s Employment Coordinator and Job Coaches who train to be Nationally Certified Supported Employment Professionals.