Special Projects

Dear Community Helpers,

Thank you for offering to come to the ranch and help us with these one-time projects. Please email our Volunteer Manager Miriam at volunteer@prtr.org to discuss how you would like to contribute.

You can probably imagine that a new property means a lot of work! With the help of so many we have already accomplished so much but there is still a lot to do. We are always looking for motivated people to help us with all these little tasks and bigger projects.

Examples are: painting stalls, fencing repairs, and landscaping.

We are also in need of material and services for renovation projects such as making our bathroom ADA accessible, improving the fencing, and general maintenance. If you work at a company that provides any of these services and is willing to support with this, or you know someone who could help, please let us know. 
Send us an email to volunteer@prtr.org or approach our team directly at the Ranch. 

45 Volunteers From Total Orthodontics & 4 Hours

On Saturday, October 29, 2021 we had a large group of about 45 volunteers from Total Orthodontics (Board of Directors, staff, clients, families, etc.) come out to the Ranch to help with projects. It was the first service group to come help at our new home, and we are so grateful that they chose Promise Ranch for their annual volunteer project. In 4 hours they completed sanding and spray painting the round pen, leveling, cleaning and painting stalls, pulling weeds all over the property, moving logs, and also got very creative in painting the old barrels and turning them into little masterpieces. We are so thankful for their help and this great community support! If you know of any organizations or other groups who might want to give their time, we’d love to talk with them! Thank you again to Total Orthodontics and their team for generously being a part of the mission of Promise Ranch!

Thank you For Your Help, Convergint Technologies!

We are fortunate to have had a very large crew of volunteers from Convergint Technologies come to the Ranch on Friday, June 18th, 2021 and chip downed wood for the nature trail, repair stalls, welding and painting, as well as other maintenance tasks. We are so grateful for their help!

Here’s what one parent said about her son’s special project experience …

My son Robert had the amazing opportunity work his Eagle project with the Promise Ranch. The ranch team was very supportive and open to his ideas for his project all throughout the process. My son was very excited to work with a facility that makes a difference in peoples lives. During his project he did a fundraiser to collect funds for his project, while doing this, he also collected a huge inventory of paper goods, cat food and hand soap to help with the ranch expenses. He also did a series of outdoor projects, including buying and spreading 10 tons of pea gravel in several horse stalls. He truly believes in the ranch’s cause and he is excited to continue to do volunteer work with them. Thank you for this great opportunity and supporting our scouts!

Now we all know where to go on the ranch, thanks to Wyatt Bradfield and Troop 854!

Thank you very much, Wyatt Bradfield and BSA Troop 854, for choosing Promise Ranch to earn your Eagle Scout badge! Wyatt and friends created 16 white-painted wood signs with bold black lettering to identify locations on the property. They also designed a large laminated map for dry erase marker application for noting the location of the new signage and future ones. We are very appreciative of Wyatt’s contributions as it will benefit new volunteers and all programs available at Promise Ranch!

Wow! Thank you Jake Reynolds and Troop 845!

Jake Reynolds of Scout Troop 845 completed a two-phase project for his Eagle Scout badge with the support of his family and many friends.

In October, the metal fence area viewed in the photographs, were wired brushed and anti-corrosion spray applied where necessary. Then the bars were painted low gloss white. In November, Jake supervised the spreading and leveling of 8 cubic feet of rock-free dirt in the barn walkway. This will ensure safer and improved footing for people and our equine family. All mats were cleaned-off and repositioned to the edge of each stall.

Thank you very much, Jake, for choosing Promise Ranch to earn your Eagle Scout badge as grounds improvement is a constant time-consuming endeavor on our beautiful property.

Thank you Rock Canyon High School Seniors!

Eight Rock Canyon High School seniors have chosen to perform 50 hours of assorted volunteer work at Promise Ranch this fall. They are doing everything from various cleaning and barn chores, to sidewalking, horse leading, and horse bonding. Thank you so much, ladies! Promise Ranch is blessed to have your volunteer service!

Robert Herting and Troop 280

Robert Herting, his scout mates from Troop 280, and parents made important safety and beautification improvements at Promise Ranch on Saturday, August 17. He successfully received donations for the purchase of pea gravel which was spread throughout turnout and stall openings. Three rubber blue barrels were bought and numbers painted on for riding instruction. The boys sanded down and painted white all the cavalletti. The ranch also now sports a fresh coat of white paint on the outdoor metal table and four chairs.

Thanks to Robert’s collection drive and Scout Troop 280, they were able to upgrade to pea gravel! The collection drive took place at King Soopers on Lincoln Road in Parker and PRTR is the beneficiary of the following much needed supplies: 331 paper towel rolls, 862 rolls of toilet paper, 29 packages of napkins, 263 tissue boxes, 653 cans of cat food, and 113 hand soap containers! A big shout-out to Robert and Gregory Herting, Preston Holt, Jason Westbarn, and Mr. and Mrs. Herting.

Robert was an excellent planner and leader in directing his peers through his multi-prong projects for Promise Ranch. Thank You!

New Hope Presbyterian Church Beautifies the Ranch!

New Hope Presbyterian Church (Castle Rock) brought a large team of hardworking adults and children to the ranch in August. They graciously purchased and attached the large tarps for the hay barn, washed all contents in every horse bucket, swept the shop, raked all tack areas, loose branch pick-up and grass-trimmed our expansive property. Thank you Suzanne Opp for gathering your fellow dedicated church members on this energetic occasion of service.

Parker Riding Academy’s Pony Club Visits PRTR

The Pony Club at Parker Riding Academy visited Promise Ranch to learn more about adaptive riding and hippotherapy and to see what our programs do for people and horses. Danielle D’Agostino, who runs their program, and 5 girls (ages 6-13), received a facility tour and observed an exciting hippotherapy and riding lesson. After a picnic lunch and discussion, the group picked-up all tree branch debris at our picnic tables and camp tent areas. Thank you Danielle for following our website so closely so that your “clubbers” can learn more about the horse-human relationship.

Thank you, Ridgeline Community Church!

On Saturday, May 18, a very long stretch of south pasture fence was renovated and reinforced to secure our horses and minis. Phil Garcia led three members from the Ridgeline Community Church (Castle Rock), in the tedious task of pounding-in additional t-posts, installing 8′ wood posts, tightening all four rows of existing wire and creating several H-braces. Promise Ranch greatly appreciates Phil, Chris Osburn, Bobby Wagner and Leo Hackett’s major contributory efforts. In fact, this is the 3rd consecutive year that Ridgeline Community Church has provided essential service to Promise Ranch for “Be the Church.”

Thank you HighPoint Seniors and Cherry Hill Christian 5th Graders!

Fifteen seniors from High Pointe Assisted Living and associated senior living facilities visited Promise Ranch in April for a day of volunteering and riding. The seniors enjoyed helping with flower planting and raking the courtyard, and many had a riding lesson and learned about our flock of chickens. Twelve fifth graders from Cherry Hills Christian Elementary, accompanied by parents and teachers, recently helped with clean-up at Promise Ranch as part of the school’s “Do Something Day”. It is a day when all fifth graders go out into the community to learn about what they can do to help others. In addition to cleaning up the pastures, the students hung decorative birdhouses along the riding trail. They also brought donations of games and toys to be used during riding sessions, as well as supplies for the horses.

Thank you, Chase Jacobsen, for coming to Promise Ranch to weld metal fencing and barn gates to ensure the safety of our horses!

We are the voices for our beloved horses to tend to their needs and their desires. A thank you is extended to our Equine Manager Carol Crisp for obtaining new raised hay feeders for our horses. Resembling a basketball hoop with ease to refill the nets with hay, Tyler Crisp installed many on the paddock walls. Dante was very pleased by Tyler’s efforts and shows his contentment in the adjoining photo.
Leslie and Dave Hill, accompanied by their children and grandchildren, attended to various Promise Ranch Special Projects. The group of twelve divided into different work zones to use their time efficiently. The protruding metal edging in a large horse paddock were screwed into the wood beams. Also, new diagonal wood supports were installed to sure-up the back wall where hay bags are hung. The branch debris was removed the length of the driveway, in the round-pen and Patchie’s Adventure Park. In the arena, their grandsons removed all posts and cones so the surface could be regraded. Lastly, a Cottonwood tree at the start of the nature trail received a large cutback of its low-hanging branches.
On Christmas Eve, Susan Oberstein chose to spend her workday doing barn chores and shop clean-up. We greatly appreciate that Charles Schwab company encourages it’s employees to volunteer at local organizations several times during the year. Thank you Susan for your time and enthusiasm on December 24th. We know your experience left a big smile on your face.