Safeway Card

Safeway/Albertsons Community Giving

If you shop at Safeway or Albertsons, please ask us for a “Community Giving” card and you will be donating money to Promise Ranch every time you shop for groceries and buy gasoline!

The Safeway Community Giving card is a reloadable card on which you place money with your credit or debit card, check or cash. Before you shop, load any amount up to $500 onto the card at the customer service desk or any cashier at the check stand or Safeway Fuel Center. Then purchase groceries and gasoline with the card and Promise Ranch receives 3-5% of what you spend, depending on the total spent by everyone each month. To receive your card, contact Debbie Broderick at or (303)319-5202.


Most frequent questions and answers
No. That is the beauty of these cards being reloadable. You keep the same card and just reload as needed when it is convenient for you. This process is also environmentally friendly.
No. By reloading your card you are supporting Promise Ranch while doing your normal grocery shopping.

Before checking out, simply stop by an Albertsons or Safeway customer service, or any cashier at the check stand or at a Safeway Fuel center.  They will be happy to assist you with this process.  It is very quick and easy.

Your card can carry a maximum balance of $500 at any given time. There is also a separate limit of a combined total for all reloads of $500 during a 24 hour period.
No. Safeway will be happy to accept your cash, check, credit or debit card for this payment.

Your favorite non-profit could receive reward money every four weeks, depending on the total reloaded amount done for all cards assigned to your organization as well as which reward option and levels they have chosen.

If you have more questions, please contact: Mary Tschumper at 303-843-7582 or email