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Equine-Assisted Services

Equine-Assisted Services – an umbrella term that refers to any and all therapeutic or educational activities that are facilitated by a professional and assisted equines. This term encompasses a variety of disciplines, including but not limited to Adaptive Riding, Horse-Mounted Therapies and Horsemanship for Veterans.

Outpatient Therapies

PRTR is now offering Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Music Therapy, and Counseling services! Our new programs target individual and group treatment for Pre-school, Home-school, After-school, Teens, Transition Age, Adults, and Families.

Supported Employment

Promise Ranch’s Employment Services and Community Connection Program offers services that are tailored to fit individual employment and community inclusion goals of adults with developmental and other disabilities. Work programs focus on skill acquisition, job search and retention. The focus of community participation is volunteer work and involvement in other aspects of community that make a person’s life more meaningful!


Promise Ranch Therapeutic Gardening Wellness Program

Promise Ranch Therapies and Recreation Garden Project is providing therapeutic horticulture programming for veterans and individuals with developmental and physical disabilities, in partnership with various nonprofit agencies. Promise Ranch is proud to be one of the first such therapeutic horticulture programs in the area!

2022 Therapy and Horsemanship Session Schedules

We offer horsemanship lessons and therapy sessions year round. There is a one week break between each session so that our horses can have a well-deserved rest period.

This is primarily for Adaptive Riding/Ground Work/Hippotherapy. Outpatient Therapies may continue during Break Weeks.

Each session is 9 weeks long (in past years, we had 8 weeks plus 1 “make-up” week).

Session 1

Break week:
MAR 7-13

Session 2
MAR 14-MAY 15

Break week:
MAY 16-22

Session 3
MAY 23-JUL 24

Break week:
JUL 25-JUL 31

Session 4

Break Week:
OCT 10-16

Session 5
OCT 17-DEC 18

Holiday/Break Weeks:
DEC 19-JAN 1

Special Programs