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Therapy and Horsemanship Session Schedules

We offer horsemanship lessons and therapy sessions year round. There is a one week break between each session so that our horses can have a well-deserved rest period.

Session 1
JAN 6 - FEB 29, 2020

Make-up week: MAR 1-7
Break week: MAR 8-15
Session 2
MAR 16 - MAY 9, 2020

Make-up week: MAY 10-16
Break week: MAY 17-24
Session 3
MAY 26 - JUL 25, 2020

Make-up week: JUL 27-AUG 1
CAMP Week: JUL 27-JUL 31
Break week: AUG 2-9
Session 4
AUG 10 - OCT 3, 2020

Make-up week: OCT 5-10
Break week: OCT 11-18
Session 5
OCT 19 - DEC 12, 2020

Thanksgiving break: NOV 26-28, 2020
Make-up weeks: DEC 14-19
Break: DEC 20-JAN 2, 2021

Events in the News

Ponies with a Purpose Fall Festival Was a Blast!

THANK YOU for supporting PRTR! Our veterans opened the event presenting the flag. We had carnival games, local craft market vendors, food, horse demonstrations, trail rides, hay rides to the pumpkin patch followed by pumpkin painting, face painting, and so much more FUN for the whole family!

PRTR had it’s first Hootenanny in July with 200+ attendees supporting our mission to help our clients to minimize disability and maximize ability through the provision of safe, high-quality, and effective equine assisted activities and therapies. Thank you to all who attended and to our very generous sponsors! It was a blast!

Interested in sponsoring? Call Melissa at 303.870.1907


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Featured Interviews and Videos

Promise Ranch Featured on Colorado & Company

Radio Interview

PRTR on VelocityRadio on October 1, 2014: Click here!


See Promise Ranch and what we do!

Amy is a 25 year-old woman who uses both an ECO device and the TouchChat application on the iPad to communicate. Amy is very active in her community and is an inspiration to others. Watch her story and her journey with AAC.

We usually think of children in connection with Therapeutic Riding. The reality for me is that most of my students are adults. This is a video of one of my students with Alzheimer’s. She was a rider early in her life, and as she rides even though her mind can not remember simple things like how to hold the reins, when she starts riding her body memory takes over. She is a joy to teach , and she loves her horse Cinnamon!

After her lesson Ruairi wanted to walk her horse Paradise, and then do a little natural horsemanship.