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Volunteer Positions


Volunteer Positions:

Horse Handlers

Horse handlers are an integral part of every riding lesson and therapy session provided at Promise Ranch. Horse handlers are responsible for catching, grooming, warming up, and tacking the horse before the student arrives, or assisting the students with grooming and tacking in some cases. The horse handler controls and guides the horse during the lesson, ensuring the safety of the students and volunteers. The horse handler must be able to take direction from the instructor or therapist, allow the student to guide the horse when appropriate, but still maintain control of the horse at all times. Horse handlers must be safety minded at all times. Volunteers with horse experience are preferred for this position, however, horse handler training is available periodically for volunteers wishing to learn and move into this role.

Age Requirement: 14+

Physical Requirement: walk 60 min, jog short distances, control horse at all times.

Time commitment: 1hr 30 min per lesson

Side Walkers

Many of the students at Promise Ranch require the assistance of 1-2 side walkers to ensure their safety while mounted. Side walkers greet the students when they arrive until the instructor or therapist and horse are ready. Side walkers walk alongside the riders to ensure safety and help facilitate the lesson under the guidance of the instructor or therapist. Side walkers may be asked to demonstrate or help the riders with specific tasks, support or assist the rider physically, or facilitate games or activities as directed by the instructor or therapist. Side walkers may also be asked to assist with the mounting and dismounting of riders from the horse. Side walkers must be able to take direction from the instructors or therapists, work cooperatively with others, and be safety minded at all times. Side walking does not require prior knowledge or experience with horses and specific training will be provided.

Age Requirement: 14+

Physical Requirement: walk 60 min, jog short distances

Time commitment: 1hr 15min per lesson

Horse Care Team

Volunteers with horse experience may request to join our horse care team after volunteering at Promise Ranch for a minimum of 25 hours. These volunteers will assist the Equine Manager in ensuring the health and fitness of our therapy herd. This may include grooming, hand-walking/grazing, lunging, or riding the horses, depending on your experience. If you would like to join this team, your horsemanship skills will be evaluated before tasks are assigned. If we have an excess of volunteers for this team, the Equine Manager will give preference to volunteers who also help with lessons as a horse handler or side walker.

Age Requirement: 14

Physical Requirement: Horsemanship skills

Time Commitment: Minimum 30 min

Landscaping and Ranch Maintenance

We always welcome dedicated volunteers who are willing to help with barn chores and general ranch maintenance.

Volunteer Recruitment

We are currently in need of a Volunteer Coordinator! This is a volunteer position. If you are interested, please email info@prtr.org.

Everyone is needed to help with volunteer recruitment. This is not a specific position in and of itself but something all volunteers (and supporters) can help with. Go and tell others about the wonderful experiences you have at Promise Ranch! For information and tools to help spread the word about Promise Ranch, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator. We are also looking for a few people who are interested in making phone calls to current volunteers weekly to help organize and coordinate the volunteer schedule.

Fund Raisers

Like most smaller nonprofit organizations, we always have room for people interested in helping with our marketing and fund raising efforts. This may include special event planning, preparation, and facilitation, grant writing, assisting in marketing and community outreach, researching and implementing new fund raising activities, and donor relationship management.


Help Promise Ranch Grow! Come and Volunteer!

Promise Ranch Therapeutic Riding relies on the participation of dedicated volunteers to help facilitate daily lessons in a safe and supportive environment. Each of our riders requires the assistance of 1 to 3 volunteers in order to achieve their goals. For more information on our lesson and therapy session volunteer roles, check out Volunteer Positions.

Our minimum age for volunteering in lessons and therapy sessions is 14 years old. However, we do have younger volunteers who help with barn chores and horse care. We do ask that parents of volunteers younger than 14 years old remain on site during volunteer activities.

In addition to lesson/therapy session volunteers, we need people to work “behind the scenes” helping with horse care, facility maintenance, fundraising, marketing, volunteer recruitment and coordination, office management, and other vital operations. If you’d like to be part of our “behind the scenes” team, please send inquires to info@prtr.org

Get Started TODAY!

To sign up, please follow the steps below to enroll as a volunteer with Promise Ranch. After you receive your username and password, you can sign up for the next orientation  in our interactive online calendar!

Step 1: Visit Volunteer Scheduler Pro by clicking the button below.

Step 2: Once you’ve arrived at the site, look below the sign-in box and click ‘Sign Up Now’ to create your Promise Ranch account.

Step 3: Once your enrollment form has been received and processed, you will receive an email with your username and password.

Step 4: Log in to check out our daily calendar and sign up for an orientation.

Step 5: Keep your eye on your email for more upcoming orientation and training opportunities!

If you have any questions or problems, simply email  info@prtr.org

PRTR Volunteer Release of Liability – please print, sign, and bring with you to your orientation

PRTR Volunteer Orientation – Feel free to read this document in advance of your orientation


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