Donate Goods & Services

The following items are needed at the ranch. Everything on the Amazon links should also be available at Murdock’s or Big R.

Promise Ranch appreciates your donations of most used:

  • Tack
  • Toys
  • Gift cards
  • Therapy equipment
  • Ranch equipment
  • Other goods

Please contact to organize a pick up or drop off time for your items. 

Donate material and / or services to the Ranch:
We are also in need of material and services for renovation projects such as making our bathroom ADA accessible, improving the fencing, and general maintenance. If you work at a company that provides any of these services and is willing to support with this, or you know someone who could help, please let us know. 
Send us an email to or approach our team directly at the Ranch. 

A Special Thanks

Congratulations to Mitchell Butler for completing two Eagle Scout projects at Promise Ranch. On October 16th and 18th, Mitchell Butler led his mother, Jennifer Butler, Mrs. Lisa Powell-DeJong and many high school friends in the construction of four stained wooden benches with backs. The very attractive and functional benches are strategically located on the Promise Ranch property, complementing the relaxing nature of our bucolic home. Thank you Mitchell and your team.
Promise Ranch Volunteer Chris Vanderpool researched and redesigned our chicken coop for the improved comfort and health of our 12 feathered friends. Neighbors, Gary Butler and his son Mitchell, installed a solar panel door for exit-entry and an interior heat panel. An east-side functional window was installed for improved ventilation. Also, they built an exterior wood plank ramp and installed a dropping board to aid in the easy cleaning of the coop. Of course, perch areas are also a welcome addition and an outside PVC tube feeder. It was wonderful teaming and brainstorming to make this project a reality. The chickens love the remodeled chicken coop!