Donate Goods & Services

Donate Material And/Or Services To The Ranch:

We are also in need of material and services for renovation projects such as making our bathroom ADA accessible, improving the fencing, and general maintenance. If you work at a company that provides any of these services and is willing to support with this, or you know someone who could help, please let us know. 
Send us an email to or approach our team directly at the Ranch. 


We are currently looking for the following goods, services & support:

  • Tractor or skid steer
  • One solar panel trough for our horses 
  • Small deck with pergola roof for our garden house
  • Removal of the footing in our indoor arena for new mulch footing
  • Roofing experts to help us with our barn and arena roofing
  • Painting (someone who has a spray gun and can operate it)
  • Support to build our new goat habitat
  • Framing and / or construction experts to finish our rooms

The following items are typically needed at the ranch. Everything on the Amazon links should also be available at Murdock’s or Big R.

  • Gift cards: Home Depot, Lowe’s, Target, Amazon, Walmart, Murdoch’s, Tractor Supply, BigR
  • Any brand bags of shavings
  • Qietex paste and/or powder
  • Hanging Himalayan salt blocks
  • Stall PDZ (horse stall refresher), Stall Dry
  • U-guard pellets
  • Children’s gloves

Please contact to organize a pick up or drop off time for your items. 

A Special Thanks

During break weeks in December 2021, our team and friends of Promise Ranch worked tirelessly on our priority projects at the Ranch. In only 2 weeks true miracles have happened! A massive shout out for this accomplishment goes to our Board member Stephanie Robertson, her family, and her company International Control Systems and their employees. ICS has given several volunteer days with 10 employees each day. Here is the long list of work they got done: They emptied our storage unit, set up the ramp in the arena, replaced the hanging extension cords with underground conduit, tore down the old stalls in the back of the big barn and made space for a new additional indoor arena, cleaned big and small rocks out of the back paddocks which are now permanent homes for our horses, installed heat sources for the water feeders, built tow new hitching rails in the big barn, upgraded the lighting in the arena, assembled and secured the ramp, put all of the mats around the ramp for wheelchair access, added wood chips to the footing and leveled the arena, fixed the roof, demolished the round pen and moved the majority of the sand from it into the new arena. Phew and WOW!!! And they tell us that the work will be continued….

We also want to thank Sunbelt Rentals in Centennial for graciously donating the equipment to help us accomplish everything. We used their post-hole digger to build the two new hitching rails in the barn and tore down the old stalls with their skid steer. Their donation made the job easy!