Denim & Diamonds Fundraiser Event

Inaugural Denim & Diamonds Fundraising Event

Denim & Diamonds Fundraising Event to Benefit Promise Ranch Therapies & Recreation

 Join us for a mystery “Who Done It” experience followed by games and dancing.

Now You See It, Now You Don’t!

“The crowd was hushed as the museum proprietor got ready to unveil the prized display of the evening, the Stomach of the Ocean Diamond, only to find it had been stolen while the crowd mingled in ignorant bliss. Now it is up to our guests and the detective to find the thief and restore the diamond to its rightful place, getting the unveiling back on track!

Who is the carat caper, and who will solve the crime to make this night of mystery the night of beauty it was intended to be? . Dress in your best western chic or your fanciest denim and diamonds or shiny, sparkling accessories. This is a museum unveiling at PROMISE RANCH, after all, and only the finest will do!” 

This will be an evening of fashion, suspenseful mystery with one thrilling conclusion, followed by games, a ranch-style live auction, music and dancing.** High-heeled shoes NOT recommended. Boots encouraged!**


Please enter the NAME of EACH ATTENDING GUEST. Guest name and photo ID will be required to gain access to the event as this is a 21 and older event. 

Cash bar and dinner served during the show.  Drinks, light appetizers and dessert served throughout the rest of the evening.

Please join us for our inaugural Denim and Diamonds fundraiser event, and help make our dreams come true.  All proceeds will benefit Promise Ranch’s programs, property improvements, and horses. 

Come enjoy a night out and help us make Promise Ranch a place where we can shine!

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