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Licensed PT/OT/SLP/SW Therapists or Assistants Help Grow Programs at Promise Ranch!

Working with children and young adults with ASD, I/DD, and other neurodiversities, our staff facilitate individual therapies and groups in social skills, life/work/recreation skills, art therapy, sibling and parent groups. Licensed Therapists with Equine Certifications are also a huge part of PRTR’s Adaptive Riding and Hippotherapy Programs.

These positions are flexible, part-time jobs to start with the opportunity to increase hours as desired. Employees of Promise Ranch enjoy a non-traditional work environment, with lots of opportunity for professional creativity!

Contact Jamie at jamie@prtr.org

Select each staff member’s name to learn more!

Jamie Mondrow
Clinical Director
Suzanne Opp
Adaptive Riding Program Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator
Sharon Tiraschi
PATH Int'l Certified Instructor
Jessica Gates
Speech Language Pathologist
Sarita Parikh
Physical Therapist
Danielle Braman
Occupational Therapist
Andrea Buckler
Occupational Therapy Assistant
Liz Sweeney
Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant (SLPA)
Courtney Young
Speech-Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA)
Heather Raine
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
Leigh Leger
Occupational Therapist
Jill Carlson
Speech-Language Pathologist
Brynn Zajkowski
PATH Intl Certified Instructor
Kaity Glicini
Occupational Therapy Assistant
Brynn Wiessner
PATH Intl Certified Instructor -
Mental Health/Counseling Services

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