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Knickee is an intuitive and kind bay Morgan mare, foaled in 1992. She loves attention and being bossy, and may even show some jealousy if you pet another horse for too long…She’s a special star at Promise Ranch, and came to us all the way from Florida, after a varied career in Jumping, Western Pleasure, Driving, and Therapeutic Riding!



Paradise is an eye-catching, chestnut-tobiano, Arabian/Pinto mix. She was foaled in 1997, and came to Promise Ranch from her previous career as a Mommy, then a trail and endurance horse. Paradise is spirited and opinionated, much like Angel, but she enjoys nothing more than the attention of her littlest riders!



Bukka is a sensitive and kind, dark bay Thoroughbred mare, foaled in 2000. Bukka came to PRTR after working on the racetrack and polo fields! Two of Bukka’s favorite things are eating and taking lazy strolls, but she also loves to kick up her heels in a major way when being worked in the round pen or on the lunge line 🙂



Ace is a cuddly, bay Morgan gelding, foaled in 1993. He’s a sensitive soul who loves attention, face scratches, and sugar-free treats! While he may be an older gent, Ace is young at heart with a wise spirit, and is aptly tuned to the unique needs of each of his students. Ace was donated to PRTR by Beryl and Asher Atkinson after a full life of trail riding with his ‘brother’, Dante.


Cinnamon is a red dun Quarter Horse, foaled in 1993. Cinnamon is as sweet as can be, and has an amazing calming effect on her riders. She is willing and trusting and will do anything to please! She was donated to Promise Ranch after a career in Western competition riding – barrel racing and reining to be specific!



Dante is a spunky, bay Morgan gelding, foaled in 1995. He’s an expressive, mischievous extrovert who simply loves to work and keep his mind busy! While he may be full of beans at times, he knows exactly how to behave during his lessons and is wonderful for teaching independent riding. Dante was donated to PRTR by Beryl and Asher Atkinson.



Lily is a beautiful red bay Dutch Warmblood who was foaled in 1994. She spent some time as a broodmare, and had a competitive jumping career prior to ‘retiring’ to Promise Ranch. She now enjoys relaxing, grazing, and teaching her students about all things ‘horse’! Lily’s favorite pastimes are rolling in the round pen, and getting massages.



Angel is our ‘sassy-yet-sweet’, bay, Welsh Pony mare. She was foaled in 2000 and came to us from a former jumping career. Angel is very energetic, and also very opinionated! She likes to be the center of attention and enjoys kicking up her heels in pasture with her friends. Angel is loved by children and adults, but definitely holds a special place in the hearts of some of our younger riders.


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